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Un hotel plongée de qualité... Super accueil, trés bon matériel et personnel pour la plongée, pas l'usine, une écoute certaine. Tranquille le séjour!

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Today´s Hotel Les Illes & Activities originally was a tavern in L’Estartit on the Costa Brava where fishermen and sailors met on rainy days. During the Second World War it continued to be open and over the postwar period it was converted into a restaurant for the first tourists coming from England to have a good time on the Costa Brava and to enjoy the surroundings, among these the Medas Islands in L’Estartit. On 12th June 1958, Genís Dalmau i Suñer, Frederic Dalmau´s son, married Anna Burgués i Villena and the same day the Hotel Les Illes, rebuilt out of the former restaurant Can Llucenci, was inaugurated.

Since then it has been and continues to be the ideal hotel to enjoy your holidays on the Costa Brava in a family-run accommodation with 63 rooms that offers an individual service and welcoming atmosphere where you have the opportunity to join activities such as diving on the Medas Islands.

At present, the Hotel Les Illes & Activities is managed by Genís Dalmau i Burgués, the son of Genís Dalmau and Anna Burgués, and offers accommodation where you can choose from double rooms, 3-bed rooms, or family rooms, with ideal sea-views. The hotel also offers many activities such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and much more interesting activities on the coast of L’Estartit and the Medas Islands.

Don´t think twice! Come and discover the Hotel Les Illes & Activities and have a truly memorable holiday with an ideal accommodation and interesting activities in the nature reserve of the Medas Islands in L’Estartit.



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